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Do you have any difficulty in preparing healthy desserts? Do you want to restart your efforts in healthy eating? Do you want your kids to prefer a healthy breakfast and chocolate? Do you dream of changing your figure and habits?

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Exciting easy recipes to try at home and enjoy the kids.

You have already chosen your recipes, but do not have all the necessary raw materials? We have high quality organic seeds, nuts and kernel pastes, wonderful bio honey, freshly milled stone flour, various cold-pressed oils.

Everyone needs to exchange experience and help in the steps of preparing healthy dishes. Ideas for dishes, recipes, processing temperatures, product combinations, cooking sequence, and arranging tips.

You do not have to fall back on changing your eating habits if you need a gluten-free diet. We can offer you a variety of recipes with amazing tasty results.

Healthy Recipes

ce cream without sugar, no palm oil, no milk, no animal products, very tender and melting in the mouth ... and many more ideas for your favorite baby treats.

Gluten Free Bakes

You have gluten intolerance? Our bakes can be gluten-free ingredients. Keto bread, muffins, various energy bars, and chocolate. We also make cakes for your special event, gluten free of course.

Yeast free Handmade Bread

We all love our bread. We use flour, which we melt ourselves in our own stone milling mill of spelled and eincorn grain. We do not use yeast. We use starter and / or baking soda. With lots of seeds, lots of fiber, with lots of flavor and taste.

On your special day, for your special people, for a loved one … we can make your moment unforgettable. Delicious and healthy surprise, stylishly and elegantly decorated in your favorite colors, in the company of a lovely bouquet of flowers and / or boutique special drink.

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You will celebrate the first year of your stomach and want to maintain a healthy menu at the children’s party, we can offer special adapted cakes without fondant and sugar, no animal products, nuts and gluten. Of course, muffins, roasted donuts and leeks.

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You  want an impressive, delicious, unforgettable and healthy cake for your special event or birthday part?  We prepare cakes according to the original recipe, we roast cakes, prepare creams of natural ingredients, put a lot of fruits, decorate stylishly, simply and elegantly. And all this according to your terms, to your nutritional features, intolerances and favorite foods.

When you want to tell someone how special and you want to celebrate a special occasion with something different, delicious and healthy, we can be the mediators of your feelings and get involved in your idea of surprise.

Special, different. No colorants. Without fondant. Homemade cakes with delicious homemade creams, with lots of fresh fruit. With much care and attention, as it should be for our most expensive creatures. Spelled flour, spelled or gluten-free variants, with coconut sugar or maple syrup, with bourbon vanilla, quality cocoa or carob, fresh dates and nuts butters.

Birthday Specialty Cake

Homemade birthday cake in original recipe. Without industrial creams and with natural and organic ingredients. Stylish, gentle and unforgettable.

Surprise for your lovely people

The luxury pralines box is classical gift for someone loved, with specialty drink and beautiful flower. Private, with personality. Write us for more.

Baby & Kids friendly cakes

Children shoudn`t be eat industrial chemical like food colors, refined sugars, palm oils, preservatives and flavors. We believe in kids healthy meal for their first day in their life. So, we offer specialty baby and kids adapted healthy cakes. No refined, no palm oils, no food colors, no sugar paste, and of course, really really tasty.

You want to impress a special customer? Or do you need a corporate gift or an original sweet point for your corporate party? We can give you unusual ideas and healthy decisions that will highlight your respect and attitude towards your colleagues.

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Stylish and different gift for your employees, colleagues and friends. A box of handmade candies, mini chocolates or a set of raw desserts, all branded with your initials or company signs.

It’s a great idea to be spotted by everyone in the new team, to pleasantly surprise your colleagues or to treat the new position. Candy and raw dessert sets are a good idea.

Sweet corporate party table

Sweet table at your corporate party or a special unusual corporate gift for your partners and special customers with which you will be different and original. The packaging will be stylish and individual to you.

Make a good impression

The first impression is not repeated but can be corrected when you make a nice gesture to your colleagues. We will work for the delicious surprise for all, to make the second impression even more unique.

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