Raw chocolate

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100% Pure | Vegan | Raw or Baked Treats | No added sugar| No preservatives or industrial colors | Lactose free | Soy free | Super foods

Why Raw Chocolate?

The beauty of raw chocolate is whether hand made or store bought, it’s clean.

That means no fillers, preservatives, emulsifiers, dairy, refined sugars or artificial flavours/colours.

The absence of those items means you are eating a pristine product, one you can trust and one that doesn’t leave you feeling sick and full of regret. In fact, many students report feeling happy and uplifted from eating raw chocolate.

The taste is also incomparable to it’s cooked counterparts — the purity of flavour is unparalleled. When you use only pure, natural, high quality ingredients there’s no other outcome!

See individual flavors for ingredients info.


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