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The most common in the world inadmissibility is gluten. When it is the least suspicious and expected. It is a substance that is predominantly present in the defined group of cereals. Its role is a clinging agent, but there are no valuable nutritional properties. In case of intolerance, people produce immunoglobulin E antibodies, which is very common and is manifested with a variety of symptoms that are often reported by doctors and cases of deterioration and over-frequency and proper diagnosis.

Gluten influences the cardiovascular system, affecting cholesterol levels, the subject of digestive processes that disturb the bowel balance, plays a huge role in pure permeability.
On the walls, gluten consists of some grain crops - wheat, slices, barley, rye, oats and others, as well as flour, semolina, grout, pasta, etc. ,
Since its essential property is to cling and expensive, its use spreads widely in the food industry. Gluten is found in soy sauce, mustard, ketchup, in a variety of packaged and canned foods, sausages, almost all packaged foods in chocolate. It is not necessary to pay attention to the hazards as well as the products contained in the product as well as other beverages, cosmetics and medicaments.

Any known and initial step of a client who comes to us and paid with the accumulation of compensation is found inappropriate for profound and endless avoidance. The Internet is rich in information. But they come all troubled and in panic. is understood, no matter what stage occurs, the allergy caused by the consumption of gluten, which is reported to damage the walls of the small intestine. This refers to improper behavior and the organization of food, and also to the loss of the immune system, resulting in weight loss and deficiency of important nutrients and general fatigue. And all these symptoms of endless troubles, part of them are insured for the development of the organism.

Significant compliance with a specific nutritional plan that does not lead to the introduction of this protein in any form in the body. For example, they also contain gluten.

What we can offer to your products that you can make part of your special menu. Chocolates, candy and some baked goods are made from 100% gluten-free raw materials. Custom baking can also be obtained and special bakes should be part of the diet. We offer even cakes for your wonderful occasions.

Expect more information about recipes and how to order special gluten-free baked goods.


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