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We believe in small boutique business quality. We founded our ARTISAN FOOD LABORATORY in October 2016, building a brand VEGGIEBOX-HANDMADE HEALTHY & DELICIOUS FOOD. We were fascinated by handmade sweet healthy treats and artisan crafts. Now our laboratorium is already certificate organic.

For a year we research and make experiments to found “our” ingredients, the ingredients of our beautiful and rich chocolate. We tested a lots of recipes and techniques. We made raw chocolate in ice-cube and cake molds and then  taking a creations to trades, customers and friends. Then we started experimenting with superfoods, nut butters and essential oils, and developing unique new flavors. They weren`t always success, but through trial and error, we tweaked the recipes to perfection. Now, we made, packaged, delivered all the orders and develop our website. Now, we are small family startup and our goal is always to balance the hero ingredient -aromatic raw cacao – with flavors and textures that created a harmonious chocolate experience.

We dream to create a chocolate bar that made people stop, if only for a moment to enjoy the sensations it creates: cacao melting on tongue, surprising bursts of herbs, the character of natural sweetness and amazing nut butters.

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